This past spring semester brought upon many changes to students. Distance learning was something I think every family learned and now that the new school year is nearing, many parents want to ensure that their child stays healthy in case of a second surge in COVID-19 infections. According to CBS4 News,  many parents are opting to continue homeschooling when the 2020-21 academic calendar starts.

Raquel Ruiz, the director of the El Paso Homeschool Association, tells CBS4 News that "in the past months they've started to get more of an increase in inquiries." Actually, the inquiries spiked 400 percent, with 15 new families reaching out for guidance each month since distance learning began, according to Ruiz.  Patricia Ferman, the founder of El Paso Homeschool Educators tells CBS4 News that there are so many resources available for parents so that they don't feel alone and essentially, the main target here is that your child learn at their own pace, so that they feel comfortable and safe.

Today, the El Paso Independent School District Board of Trustees approved changes to the 2020-21 academic calendar that will help the District be better prepared for a potential second surge in COVID-19 infections. The calendar moves up the first day of school by a week to Aug. 3, pushes the last day of school by a week to June 8, and creates two 2-week intersessions. But if you are interested in homeschooling, Ruiz says there are several things parents need to take into consideration before they commit to homeschooling like their home life and their schedule. For information on how you can get homeschooling your child, you can get information by clicking here and here.

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