I know that no matter what I write here isn't going to matter to anyone. Chances your mind is already made up on whether or not you like Trump. If I write anything that bashes Trump, one side is going to love it regardless of what it says, and the other side is going to hate it regardless of what it says.

I can lead with this as well. I'm neither conservative or liberal. I see both sides points of view and believe we need a balance. One thing I'm not okay with, regardless of political affiliation is skipping out on your bill because your a two-bit shyster. That's exactly what Trump has done to the city of El Paso. He had a rally here in the Borderland back in 2019 and we're still holding the bill. According to Mayor Dee Margo:

We’ve been unable to collect. We're told even if we filed suit, chances of collection are slim.

This is what Trump is good at though. Working the system to benefit himself and screw anyone else left in his wake. He currently has an outstanding balance to the city of El Paso of $569,204.63. And we are reaching critical levels of need when it comes to hospital care because of the increasing positive COVID-19 cases. Oh, but the COVID-19 crisis isn't a big deal, right? Trump has it under control, right?

Mayor Dee Margo did say that the city is partly to blame for this because of mishandled documentation. And that's fine. But if you're willing to look at that as a reason to place zero blame on President Trump to pay up, you had better not ever complain about any consequences of paperwork that you filled out incorrectly.

Do I expect Trump to ever pay up? No. Do I expect any Trump fan reading this to change their mind on the guy? No. And that's the sad state of the country we are in right now. An inability to look at a situation for what it is because we're too busy rooting for our "team."

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