Yep, a full-on Artist and Farmers Market is taking place Sunday in the Upper Valley.

The Upper Valley Artist & Farmers Market is being held Sunday at 145 E. Sunset in El Paso's Upper Valley.  According to the markets events page:

Where you will find items you love, locally made. Over 60 of your local artisan, bakers, farmers, and food vendors all in one place. Shops and eateries available at The Substation, while you stroll and shop. We are pet friendly.

All that and you can bring Fido??  Hellz yeah!!  To learn more, check out the Upper Valley Artist and Farmers Market Facebook page. The best thing about this?  You are supporting local artists and merchants. You can never go wrong with that. (Plus, no additives, preservatives, corporate greed, etc, etc.)

This event is being held at The Substation if that gives you a landmark. For other directions, click on the address above.

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