Look out Rick Allen.......

This guy is amazing. He's got no forearms and only one (good) leg ... and he's great!!

No disrepect intended toward Rick Allen who has played the drums with only one arm since losing his in a car accident.  (Not only is his an amazing story, but he's gone on to do so much to help kids with missing limbs, deformities, etc to be able to play as well!)

This guy though is an absolutely inspirational story.  He was born with these issues and abandoned by his parents.  His Mom screamed when she saw him and he was dumped in a Romanian orphanage.  According to doctors he had only days to live.   

In the orphanage though, another doctor chanced across him and began to work with him. 

Look at him now! I hope he makes a fortune and lives a long and happy life!  As for his folks, well .......

Check him out doing The Adventures Of Rain Dance Maggie!!

Read more about him at telegraph.co.uk!