Living in El Paso, Texas, I've heard so many people say "Oh there's nothing to do here. It's so BORING!". Well they might be wrong because apparently there's a city in Arizona that's much more boring than us. At least according to Cheapism.

Which Arizona city is considered to be the most boring?

Cheapism's list only named 5 cities in America as the most boring -- 2 from California, 1 from Connecticut, 1 from North Carolina and the one that we want to focus on...Mesa, Arizona. Which is just east of Phoenix.

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So...why is Mesa considered so boring? Well according to Cheapism, they said (and I quote):

"Apparently Mesa is one of those places that's seemingly too big of a piece of land relative to the amount of stuff that's actually happening in Mesa. Which apparently isn't a whole lot."

Well to me... that doesn't really say much on WHY Mesa is so boring.

So what is there to do in Mesa? Thankfully people on Reddit asked this & people gave some answers to what do around Mesa. Some common answers included traveling to Sedona or Grand Canyon (since it's fairly close by) or the Goldfield Ghost Town within traveling distance.

Other people have said there's a Medieval Times in nearby Scottsdale, the Aquarium Arts, the Musical Instrument Museum in nearby Phoenix. Another comment mentioned the largest botanical garden in Arizona: the Boyce Thompson Arborteum.

And you can't forget the food; Mangos Mexican Café, Worth Takeaway & Hope's Frybread were among the local places for people to go visit. And there's many other suggestions that you can find (or leave your own) on the Reddit thread here.

So is Mesa Arizona the most boring city in Arizona? Well considered the city of Mesa has over HALF A MILLION PEOPLE living there (509,475); I'd respectfully have to, I don't think so.

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