It was two years ago that mysterious posters popped up in downtown El Paso showing potential Rage Against The Machine tour dates happening in 2020. The band later confirmed the dates and tickets went on sale for the concerts and quickly sold out. Many El Pasoans went to the physical Ticketmaster outlet to get their tickets for various reasons. Some like myself thought they would have better luck grabbing a pair of tickets in-person while others wanted to have hard tickets to keep as a memento of this historic reunion concert.

After the tickets were sold out, it was only a month later that the world was in the grips of the coronavirus pandemic that shut down the concert industry for the foreseeable future. The band first postponed the El Paso and Las Cruces tour dates until June of 2021 but those dates were postponed again as the pandemic continued to make touring difficult for many bands. The new date of the concerts were changed to March of 2022 and so far, that's when we believe the concerts will take place. But what about people like me, who bought hard tickets? Are they still good? Will they be honored at the show?

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Thankfully the answer is yes. I spoke to the UTEP Ticket Center and was told all hard tickets that were purchased in person were still valid and will be honored at the upcoming show. If you're worried your tickets may have been damaged and won't be readable for the ticket scanners, you can get new ones. Simply bring the damaged tickets to the UTEP Ticket Center, along with your ID and the card you used to purchase them and the ticket office can help you.

No word yet on when we can see those tickets being resold from people who got refunds for their tickets, but hopefully it will be soon.

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