An outdoor experience website has come out with a list of the deadliest animals in North America and the states where they happen the most. Living in the Southwest, we are blessed to have plenty of wide-open spaces people can get out and explore. But while you're enjoying the great outdoors, people need to remember that the wildlife you encounter can be dangerous.

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The outdoor experience website Outforia wanted to see what animals were the deadliest and the states where these encounters were most likely to happen. And their results were bad news for the Lone Star State. Outforia looked at data that's been collected since 1970 and found which animals were the deadliest in North America.

  • Deadliest Animals In North America
    1. Brown bear, 70
    2. Shark and snake, 57
    3. Black bear, 54
    4. Alligator, 33
    5. Cougar, 16
    6. Polar bear, 10
    7. Wolf, 2

When looking at what states you're most likely to have a dangerous encounter, Texas had a serious lead. Texas came in with a whopping 520 animal-related deaths from 1999 to 2019, and the second-place state had over 200 fewer attacks in the same time period.

  • States with the Most Deadly Animal Attacks
    1. Texas, 520
    2. California, 299
    3. Florida, 247
    4. North Carolina, 180
    5. Tennessee, 170

The results aren't surprising for Texas, considering we have bears, sharks, snakes, cougars, and wolves in various pockets of the state. People also have to consider the fact that Texas is one of the largest states in the country, with plenty of open land for wild animals to live, and for humans to try to go and explore. If you want to read more of the results, please visit the Outforia website.

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