I will admit, I spent a few bills on a special bottle of my favorite Tequila. I’ve also had bar tabs that have made me miss a car payment. Some of our staff drink a months salary in a day. But $27,000 for a bottle of 50 year old Scotch? Yes! 27 Grand!

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Mr. Lyle Shellenberg made a special trip to Hillsdale Liquor in Portland, Oregon to make one extravagant purchase.

Mr. Shellenberg purchased a 50-year-old bottle of Glenfiddich Scotch whisky at a price of $27,000, making him one of only 50 people in the world - and six in the United States - to own this special release.

Shellenberg's love for Glenfiddich was born some 40 years ago when he toured the distillery with his grandfather

"I could have spent money on a sports car or something else. I just happened to choose that I like Glenfiddich Scotch and this was interesting to me, it was different, it's not something somebody down the street or someone else in Oregon has."

The bottle arrived at the liquor store in a locked leather case, and Shellenberg plans to crack it eventually as a special event to share with his family. "But then there comes a time,"

Pic via Facebook/Glenfiddich

Check out what he told TV station KPTV in Oregon


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