An El Paso apartment building, said to be built on a long forgotten graveyard, is haunted AF!

The Kennedy Brothers Memorial Apartments are said to be one of the most haunted spots in town. Lots of places have ghosts, some have a few but, these apartments are LOADED with them. A story at gave a couple of examples of the weird stuff that happens there:

  • A little girl can be heard playing on the stairs. Often times you’d hear her running up and down them, loudly.
  • An old man is often seen on one side of a hallway, if you're on the opposite end. You can smell old cigar smoke, and a harsh cold spot, is felt in the corner. added these stories:

  • The sounds of people playing basketball can be heard in the gym, even though no one is using it.
  • The stage in the gym often looks as though someone is standing on it, waiting to perform.
  • Cabinets and doors open themselves.
  • Toilets in the gym restrooms flush and faucets turn themselves on and off.
  • The restroom doors slam shut by themselves.

According to, an elderly woman was once found burned to death in one of the apartments. No cause for the fire was ever established.