For a group of Moms, this really is a thing.

Honestly, Muppets? Perverted? WTF? One Million Moms (1MM) seems to feel that the Muppets network tv show is not suitable for kids and they want ABC to pull it.

It's splitsville for Kermit and Miss Piggy and their new relationships are being called into question by 1MM. (Miss Piggy, it seems, is a bit of a ho.) Gonzo tries online dating and Fozzie Bear upsets the Moms by getting a ... gasp ... human girlfriend! Wocka, Wocka, indeed. Kermit's in trouble for appearing on a poster, wearing only a scarf, that says:

"finally, a network tv show with full frontal nudity."

Wow. Is Seth MacFarlane writing for ABC now? 1MM have started a petition calling for the show to be cancelled and warning parents that The Muppets aren't family friendly anymore. Clearly, these aren't your Father's Muppets.

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