Whenever I have an Oreo, I can't have just one. I usually end up stuffing my face with at least 4 to 5, maybe even more than that. Well, a new study has come out asking where these cookies are ACTUALLY addictive.


In a new study from Connecticut College looked at the behaviors of rats when it comes to rice cakes, cocaine, saline and the delicious Oreos. The rats were put in a maze with Oreos on one side and rice cakes on the other. The rats figured out where the Oreos were and went there over the rice cakes. This seems like a no brainer, I would do the same thing if I was the rats. But the interesting part was when another group of rats were brought in and the same study was done but with saline and cocaine. The rats visited the cocaine in the maze the same amount as the rats who visited the Oreos. So what did this show the researchers? Well, that the same pleasurable feelings you get from cocaine, you can get from Oreos as well! Seems like a cheaper option than cocaine too.

Another interesting thing that was seen in the study was the way the rats ate the Oreos. Everyone has their own way they enjoy: filling then cookies, cookies then filling, or both at the same time. The rats preferred to open the cookies, eat the cream filling then go after the cookies. Just like me!

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