After a recent press conference, many are talking about New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's tight polo that revealed some possible interesting hardware underneath. New York has been the epicenter of the United State's COVID-19 pandemic. There are currently almost 84,000 cases of Coronavirus in the state of New York and almost 2,000 deaths according to the Guardian. Governor Cuomo has been all over the news, discussing the state's response to the pandemic and holding multiple press conferences. One of those press conferences has gone viral, and it's not for the knowledge on COVID-19 you can gain.

It's for the piercings potentially peeking out of polo. Cuomo held a press conference on March 27 and while the information was important, nobody could pay attention to anything than what was hiding under Cuomo's polo shirt. Twitter exploded with people wanting to know if New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has pierced nipples. While many just spent the time guessing we decided to speak with a piercing expert to find out. Binx Ochoa is a piercer at Mesa Street Tattoo and I had to ask her the burning question on everyone's lips. According to Ochoa, she believes yes, Cuomo is rocking nipple piercings under his shirt.

"It's definitely a piercing, most likely the jewelry is a horseshoe ring. Minimum 14 gauge because the balls are so big but it's hard to tell. After talking to another piercer my final answer would be it is most likely a 12 gauge."

Governor Cuomo's rep has denied that he is rocking a nipple ring but far too many experts are saying it looks like he does. To be honest, there are a lot of people who have their nipples pierced and you just don't know about it. Brian Keith Thompson, owner of L.A.'s Body Electric Tattoo, told the Daily Beast you'd never know who is rocking nipple rings:

“I watch Cuomo every morning when I get up. To me, he fits the bill for a nipple piercing. He seems like the kind of working-out guy who would have one. I’m going to go out on a limb and say, yes, Governor Cuomo has a nipple piercing. We’ve probably all sat in a room and talked to someone who has their nipples pierced. You’d never know. Your great-grandfather could have his nipple pierced and you’d never know, because when do you see your great-grandfather with his shirt off?”

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