Rise of Skywalker was almost a vastly different movie... IF we are to believe a leak online of the original script penned by Colin Trevorrow. Here is a synopsis of that script from IGN:

According to the video, Trevorrow and Connolly's working title for Episode IX was "Star Wars: Duel of the Fates." The plot differs quite a bit from The Rise of Skywalker, opening in a time when the First Order has all but completely dominated the galaxy. Communication between planets has been cut off, leading the Resistance to hijack a Star Destroyer and launch a surprise attack on Coruscant (now ruled by Chancellor Hux) in order to activate a hidden Jedi beacon that can pierce the First Order's communication blockade and rally the Resistance's allies.

I still have no idea how much I liked JJ Abrams Rise of Skywalker. I guess that means I didn't really like. But I don't hate it. However, if this leak is to be believed that it was the original script for the movie, I would have enjoyed this version much more. One of the biggest issues with Rise of Skywalker almost no continuity with The Last Jedi.

The best part of this script? Moving on from the Sith vs Jedi plot to something new.

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