Many years ago there were certain shops in the mall you had to visit even though you weren't going to purchase anything. The time that friends would want to go shopping at the mall we always made a stop at the pet store. No matter when you would walk by you always spotted a little crowd surrounding the puppies at the stores.

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They always had the furry ones on display in the hexagon-shaped area right in front of the entrance. Hopefully, you also remember visiting Jolly Jim's Pet Stores at the malls. Jolly Jim's Pet Store at Bassett Place and Sunland Park Mall were the shop kids dragged their parents to every visit they made.

Do you remember making that extra stop at the pet store while shopping at Sunland Park Mall and Bassett Place? But one thing for sure is some of us miss having those pet stores around at the malls. We all felt the same pain inside when the malls got rid of the pet stores that used to exist inside the malls.

Pet stores inside the mall always eased those long days of shopping that some of you dreaded as a child then. At Bassett Place, Jolly Jim's was located directly across from where Target is. It was the store you always ran to first as soon as you walked through the entrance doors.

Jolly Jim’s at Bassett was always crowded with people when you would go inside just for the pets. In my opinion, I believe the malls should bring back the pet stores. Kids back then didn't mind spending a long time shopping with their parents was because of those stores.

The Sunland Park Mall pet store had a hexagon shape cage too you could stand by and pet the puppies. But if your significant other has a hard time remembering those pet stores, then he/she is too young for you dude.

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