One of my biggest fears is to be driving along the road and falling into a sinkhole one day. There are a lot of other things I am afraid of and this one is definitely on top of the list.

A couple years ago Far West Texas posted this sinkhole that occurred on the Westside of town. It was at the intersection of Thunderbird and Shadow Mountain which is a busy road. Luckily, our sinkholes here in El Paso haven't been too deep when we have gotten them. There are some sinkholes that can go up to hundreds of feet deep down underground. One sinkhole that occurred in Guatemala City was 330 feet deep down due to fluid from a sewer eroding. A long while back ago an El Pasoan was actually in the middle of it all when the sinkhole appeared and they thankfully survived. The sinkhole was measured to be about five-to-six-foot-deep down. Then we also had a sinkhole occur on North Mesa Street which caused a lot of traffic. Depending on what kind of coverage you have, your car insurance may or may not cover damages. But just recently another sinkhole was reported in the Northeast part of town in the 5200 Block of Pikes Peak.

If El Paso experiences any more sinkholes in the future, hopefully, no one gets caught in one!

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