Once again, road construction here in El Paso has hit a snag.

This time, it involves those monster concrete columns in the I-10/Executive Center area. KFOX reported TxDoT as saying the contractor rushed through the job and now the concrete is "flaking off".  They also reported TxDoT director of operations Ken Barnett as telling El Paso City Council that more analysis is needed:

"We expect another two-four weeks, we'll know what the final answer about this completed work is going to be, whether what percentage of it will have to come down, what percentage of it will have to be repaired and perhaps some of it will be able to remain in place." - KFOX

The cost of all this will be absorbed by the contractor that built them, the Dan Williams Company, who expect no new delays. They said that since they delivered the columns  AHEAD of schedule, coming up with new ones should only push the project back to ON schedule.

We'll see...

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