Most people enjoy hearing a Mariachi band play but enjoy it, even more, when they play covers! I've always enjoyed watching a Mariachi band play a song that I am familiar with.

Brian Immanuel who is an Indonesian rapper and thought it would be fun to surprise Post Malone with a Mariachi band. But the biggest surprise was that the Mariachi band covered a song from Post Malone. The Mariachi band covered Post Malone's "Congratulations" in front of Post Malone himself and friends. Now you also have seen the Mariachi band that played "Paranoid" in front of Ozzy Osbourne and his family. Not only that, if you've been to one of our Mexican Fiestas then you have seen a Mariachi band perform covers. Back in 2010 at Wet N' Wild one particular Mariachi band performed "Welcome To The Jungle" from Guns N' Roses! I am hoping the Mariachi bands will be surprising us with a cover at our Mexican Food Fiesta. I won't be able to sing along to their songs in Spanish but sure can sing along to a song they cover in English. Of course, one band I always consider and hope to hear a Mariachi band cover would be the Deftones.

If you were listening to a Mariachi band, and they started playing a cover, which band would you hope it would be? Pick the band you want one of the Mariachi bands to cover!

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