I am not much of an anime watcher, I will admit it, but even though shows like "Demon Slayer" or "My Hero Academia" don't attract me, this bar in Texas definitely looks like a place I would go to!

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The Anime Bar in Sugarland looks like it will definitely transport you to Japan all while staying right here in the Lone Star State.

While researching this bar, I found out that anime fans are known as otakus, and aside from literally traveling to Japan, it's kind of hard to find a cool place to hang out at that caters to specifically to anime fans. Which kind of sucks, everyone has different interests and everyone should be able to find a place to hang out to explore that interest with others!

The Anime Bar in Sugarland is perfect for anime lovers. It opened its doors back in August, and it looks like it caters to the anime lover but it also offers typical bar events like karaoke, watch parties and other sort of events; so even if you aren't into anime, The Anime Bar still looks like a cool place to hang out.

Their drinks, aside from looking delicious, are named perfectly.

And if you're looking to add to your anime collection, they also offer collectible items from your favorite anime.

It also looks like if you're itching to cosplay your favorite character- dressing up is highly encouraged!

The Anime Bar is located at 11773 S Texas 6, Sugar Land, TX. You can follow them on their Instagram to find out about upcoming events and to see what specials they have.

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