An interview about a rescued dog goes bad during a live interview.

Here's the quick n easy synopsis.  A dog was rescued from a freezing river.  A local tv station decided it would give everyone a big warm n fuzzy by reuniting the dog, his owner and the fireman who pulled him out of the river.

Sounds easy enough.

Except no one counted on the dog biting the anchorwoman.  I didn't see what really happened, but it seems the anchor woman at one point got down on the floor face to face with the dog (who was already probably in an uncomfortable state) and he bit her on the face.

Even kids know not to go head to head, eye to eye with an unknown animal.

According to Canine Behavior specialist Ron Berman the anchorwoman did everything wrong. 

"She went up to a dog she didn't know--who didn't know her--and she either tried to kiss him or hug him or put her face too close to his face. He felt threatened and bit her."

No offense to her.  She meant well and as for the dog; he only did what all dogs (animals in general!) do when they feel threatened. 

Fido isn't the issue here, it's his owner. He's in trouble over this. 

He's been cited by Denver animal control for not having control of the dog and "ALLOWING" the dog to bite!?!?

He was holding the dog by the collar! A dog ... mind you ... that had been just fine the whole time.  Up until the anchorwoman decided to go face to face with him anyway. 

The dogs been quaranteened but is expected to be relaesed in 10 days.  He seems fine.  As you can see in the video; he was cool during his rescue and afterwards. He was fine through (most of) the interview as well!!

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So ... I ask you; was there any fault at all on the owners part in this story? I say NO.   Helllll no even; what do you guys think??