Remember Sour Mash Jack?  Here's what those guys are up to now!

All info provided by Ernie Garcia, here's how he tells the story:

Sour Mash Jack was an El Paso blues-rock trio consisting of Jaime Cabrera-vocals, guitar, Ernie Garcia-vocals, bass and Louie Sarellano on drums. Their debut LP, "Loudmouth Soup", did relatively well in the El Paso/Juarez region receiving modest airplay on KLAQ, as well as other local stations. They landed a development deal with BMG in '99 and moved to LA to give it an honest shot. Unfortunately, the band broke up in 2000.

Jaime Cabrera now lives in Long Beach, writing/recording and playing as J. Cabrera & 3 Hours to Vegas. Ernie fronts San Diego indie rock band, "Roger!" Louie is still in El Paso.

Learn more about Roger, Ernie's new band, here. Better yet, see Roger live April 5th at B-17 Bombers Oyster Pub and April 6th at Lovebuzz. Their new album, "Try", is available now via bandcamp, Itunes and Amazon. Here's their complete discography:

  • "Dark Matter" - 2012
  • "Wishing for Boredom" - 2014
  • "Live in Long Beach" - 2015
  • "Circle of Willis" - 2015
  • "Tomorrow is Today" - 2016
  • "Ugly American" - 2017
  • "Try" - 2019