A local artist is showing love for his community by gifting a random stranger with the art piece he created. Joshua Pinon has been painting for quite a while and if you know him then you're familiar with his Morfiend's work. Obviously, Joshua Pinon is still in the giving spirit since he decided to follow a friend's advice that led to this.

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His friend Jessie Gandarilla put the idea of dropping an art piece somewhere around El Paso in Joshua Pinon's head. Of course, Joshua Pinon being the kind guy he is was definitely up for that clever idea.

Joshua Pinon puts a lot of time and effort as many other artists do except the difference here is he's willing to freely give his art away. Now it wasn't handed to someone for free but it sure had to be found.

Joshua Pinon decided to play a game with the community and allow a random stranger to give a new home to his masterpiece. He picked a park located on the Eastside where he would leave his painting behind for someone else to find.

Joshua left the painting at Blackie Chester Park and made sure to take some pictures of where he was leaving it. Now he certainly had me fooled because his pictures had me thinking the painting was on the Westside near Coronado High School on Cloudview Dr. which it wasn't.

It was around 7:30 pm when Samantha Catalina shared and tagged her discovery on Facebook. But don't worry this won't be the last time Joshua Pinon gives away another piece of his art so freely. He did mention to me that he plans to give the El Paso community another artistic scavenger hunt again sometime in the future.

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