If you don't know who Kalen Chase is... SHAME ON YOU! You haven't been tuning into Rockstar 101. You can find Rockstar 101 wherever you get your podcast, or you can find it on Shim's YouTube page. Here is the episode with Kalen, along with Shim's Lockdown Session that came right afterward.

Just in case you don't have the time to watch that and really want to know about Kalen Chase, here you go.

Kalen has worked on many projects in the rock world. There was a band called The Changing, which was AWESOME! I still have tracks from The Changing on my Spotify playlists, including Jerry Bruckheimer which can see below. And yes that's Jonathan Davis of Korn on that song. More on that in a moment.

Kalen was the back up vocalist for Korn for a few years in the mid-2000s. It was after Head had left the band and Korn was in a bit of flux. One of the ways the band transformed themselves in this time frame was having other musicians on stage with them. Originally, the guitar player they had filling on Head's parts wasn't visible on stage with them. Then, they had the idea of masking the other musicians, so only the original members of Korn showed their faces. This is where Kalen came in. If you check out this video from Korn's MTV Unplugged set, you can see Kalen at 26 seconds in. He's the albino rabbit.

Kalen also has a band with Joey Jordison, the former drummer for Slipknot, called Vimic. Unfortunately that stuff is sort of on hold at the moment. But of course, we can't forget Kalen's new solo stuff as well which is amazing. Just check out the song Let Them Come.

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