Amazon Prime day is drawing to a close. If you don't know what that is, it's basically a big sale Amazon has for it's Prime customers. But if you were like me and you were trying to buy some stuff yesterday you may have noticed there was a bit of a setback at first. When you would try to buy something it would send you a message that said something went wrong on their end. Amazon was aware of the problem and sent out a Tweet to let it's customers know that they were working on it.

How nice. Amazon Prime is really up on their game, which is sadly one of the many reasons brick and mortar stores are closing up shop. Just a few weeks ago we said goodbye to our friend Geoffrey Giraffe from Toys R' Us as they closed up shop after years in business. Now that Geoffrey is out of a job he's picking up whatever job he can find. Below, you'll see footage of one of Geoffrey's jobs, which will let him release some of his anger at the same time.

It looks like even in the ring, Geoffrey was no match for Amazon Prime.

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