Since 2020 continues to find ways to suck, Comic Con has been forced to host virtual panels. The weekend that usually is filled with nerdy goodness in the streets of San Diego, is now happening in the comfort of your own home with Comic-Con@Home. You're still getting all the updates and information you'd usually get at Comic Con, except it's through your computer; which is how I always got my Comic Con information (because I've never been) so, now you all know how I feel.

Among the panels and trailers on Friday, IGN premiered a video that made my little 2005 heart skip a beat. In the video, after a camera pans through a dark, dirty warehouse, it eventually comes to a TV where a game of Pong is being played and suddenly, one of the best announcements ever is made:

G4 is coming back! With the tagline "We Never Stopped Playing" and those last three notes (if you know, you know) I. GOT. CHILLS.

G4TV was very prominent in my life, and yours too if you were a young adult in the 2000's. The channel launched in 2002 and ended in 2014. It was a staple for me as well as MTV and VH1 (because back then they had pretty good shows!). Despite being centered around video games, and me not being much of a gamer, I still very much enjoyed the channel. It had some of my favorite shows like "EP Daily", "X-Play" and "Attack of the Show." "Attack of the Show" is actually what got me interested in television and radio.

At this point, it's unclear what G4's return actually mean. the network itself could return, it could be an online channel, or it may be taking a different form altogether. According to Polygon, G4 was owned by Comcast subsidiary NBCUniversal, so it's possible that if the network returns to TV it'll be part of the Peacock streaming service. Either way, I'm excited!

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