But how did it get there?!

You can find a lot of weird things inside of a strip club, and a lot of questionable situations. You can also find a lot of breast implants. Most of those implants though are located inside of a dancer's body. Not in Amarillo!

Cassidy's Polo Club in Amarillo, Texas had a visit recently from the health inspector and left inspectors confused by what they found behind a bar in the club. Inspectors wrote in their report that a breast implant was located inside of the bar's utensil holder. When asked about the lone implant, owners could not explain as to where the implant came from.

The health inspector gave the club 9 demerits for things like "lack of a certified food manager, bottle nozzles and beer cooler racks that needed to be cleaned and floor tiles that needed to be replaced," according to the Amarillo Globe News. The club was given an average rating from the health inspector.

I don't eat at the strip club so as long as the girls dancing there aren't given as average rating too the club is fine with me!

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