Allsup's has gotten a new owners. The Clovis-based chain of convenience stores was sold to Yesway, an Iowa-based convenience store chain. Yesway will take ownership of over 300 Allsup's spread across Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma. Much like the whole Whataburger fiasco that happened earlier this year, many were worried that this change in ownership will change some of the things we have all come to love, mainly, the famous beef and burritos!

Fear not, though, fellow burrito lovers, Yesway which labels itself as the “fastest growing convenience store chain in the U.S." announced in a press release that they look forward to “building on Allsup’s legendary heritage and continuing to offer many of the amazing products and services Allsup’s customers are so passionate about, including – without question – the world-famous Allsup’s Burrito.” For now it looks like they plan on keeping the delicious-ness that is their famous beef and bean burrito. Rejoice fellow burrito lovers!

Look, I know what you're thinking: "Joanna, you're Mexican, how can you like a gas station burrito?! Also, we don't even have an Allsup's here in El Paso, how can you even know about these burritos?!" But trust me, I know. I KNOW! Going out of town to Ruidoso or Cloudcroft I've experienced this most holy of gas station treats. I'm not the only one. Tons of people love those burritos which include Buzz. Buzz always looks forward to the drive to Oklahoma because he knows he gets to stop at an Allsup's and get the famous burrito! I sometimes get jealous when he sends us pictures.


In conclusion, Allsup's will still have their famous beef and bean burrito and also, if you're around one SEND ME BURRITOS!

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