There is a new way to enjoy whiskey without needing a glass. The Glenlivet wants to give you a whole new drinking experience that you can do glassless. The whiskey is trapped inside seaweed and is getting a lot of attention. This new specialty cocktail you don't need glassware for is in honor of Glenlivet's founder, George Smith. The founder George Smith was clearly a leader and not a follower.

The alcohol-filled capsules are the new and easy way of drinking. You can ditch sneaking in a flask filled with alcohol and replace it with these alcoholic tide pods. The alcohol-filled capsules can hold up to 23 milliliters of the whiskey cocktail. This new invention to enjoy whiskey is almost like the candy Gushers minus the chewy shell. So far the people in England can enjoy the new intake of whiskey unlike some. As for getting your hands on these will be tough unless you take a road trip. These "glassless cocktails" have not been approved for consumption yet in the U.S., Food and Wine Reports.