Tim Keller is making headlines for his vocal support of the metal genre, and to the metal mayor, WE SALUTE YOU! The more we learn about Albuquerque's mayor Tim Keller, the more respect we have for him and his taste in music. People are so intrigued by the new mayor, that even the New York Times interviewed him to find out more about him. When you go to Albuquerque to check out a metal show, there's a good chance that the city's mayor is in attendance as well, but you may not recognize him. Dressed in jeans and a black band tee, he looks like any other metalhead in attendance. But Keller isn't your typical politician. Albuquerque's metalhead mayor took office in December, but that hasn't stopped the Democrats from attending concerts and enthusiastically waving the metal flag. The city of Albuquerque has been known as a metal haven and since Keller was born and raised in the city, it should come as no surprise he has a passion for the genre.

Since being elected, the mayor has proudly introduced metal bands when they come to town, from Trivium to Anthrax.

If you ask the mayor, he'll proudly tell you his favorite band is Brazil's Sepultura, will also fondly tell you about the time he got kicked out of a Ozzy Osbourne concert for jumping off a wall into the pit. Seems like the kind of guy I would have been friends with. Now the father of two kids he doesn't go to as many metal shows as he used to, but he'll still make it out for some of his favorite bands. He even gave the New York Times a playlist of some of his favorite songs right now that you can read below. You can read the entire article profiling Tim Keller at the New York Times.

  1. Parkway Drive "Vice Grip"
  2. Spiritual Beggars "Black Feathers"
  3. In Flames "Bullet Grip"
  4. Kyuss "Apothecaries' Weight"
  5. Testament "Native Blood"
  6. Carcass "Unfit For Human Consumption"
  7. Slayer "Beauty Through Order"
  8. Brainstorm "Arena"
  9. Clutch "Book Saddle, and Go"
  10. Trivium "In Waves"
  11. Machine Head "Game Over"
  12. Sepultura "City of dis"
  13. Grand Magus "Northern Star"
  14. Anthrax "Fight 'Em Till You Can't"
  15. Halford, Rob Halford "Resurrection"
  16. Paw "Couldn't Know"
  17. Arch Enemy "Dead Eyes See No Future"
  18. Alice In Chains "We Die Young"
  19. Soulfly "Ishtar Rising"
  20. Mastodon's "Dry Bone Valley
  21. Sabaton "40:1"
  22. Primal Fear "Nuclear Fire"

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