Next year the Albuquerque Police Department will have a new whip patrolling the streets. The Albuquerque Police Department will be taking care of crime riding low in a transformed squad car. Normally you're used to seeing police officers driving a typical police car. But next year some lucky police officers will be cruising in a lowrider squad car instead. Their mission is to not have the typical police car and even asked the community for help with the decorating.

The reasoning behind this creative idea for their mission is to show a different side of the police. Usually, you hear a lot of cases that have made police all over the United States look bad. This new project is a whole new way for the Albuquerque Police Department to connect with the community and culture. The new lowrider squad car will be used for patrolling and community engagement. I can't wait to see the finished product in April 2020.

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