Since 2008, the Travel Channel show Ghost Adventures has shown many of the most haunted areas in the United States (and worldwide). So of course they would visit a few spots in our brotherly state to the West: New Mexico.

But which ones have they traveled to? These are the 8 episodes that feature New Mexico.

NOTE: (Sadly not every episode has clips on YouTube but you can find many clips on the Ghost Adventures Travel website)

1. St. James Hotel (Season 9, Episode 107): The first New Mexico location didn't show up until Season 9 in 2014, when the Ghost Adventures Crew travelled to Cimarron, New Mexico to visit the St. James Hotel, just outside of Raton. This was the place was many Old West figures like Jesse James, Wyatt Earp & Annie Oakley. The St. James Hotel has been covered many times on local news stations; because the history is so haunting.

2. Haunted Harvey House (Season 11, Episode 128): One year later during season 11, the GAC would travel to Las Vegas (no not Nevada), New Mexico to investigate the Castaneda Hotel & the Plaza Hotel. There IS a clip of Zak Bagans capturing... SOMETHING talking to them.

3. Double Eagle Restaurant (Season 14, Episode 164): The GAC would come to our sister cities of Mesilla & Las Cruces in the 2017 Season 14 episode about the Double Eagle Restaurant. They would investigate the Dona Ana County Courthouse. This is also the 1st of 3 episodes in season 14 that they would visit New Mexico.

4. Skinwalker Canyon (Season 14, Episode 167): 3 episodes later they would visit another New Mexico city; this time it was Ojo Amarillo. They would investigate the Skinwalker Canyon inside the Ojo Amarillo Canyon

5. Upper Fruitland Curse (Season 14, Episode 168): The next episode would also be on the Navajo Nation; in Upper Fruitland, New Mexico.

6. Lewis Flats School (Season 16, Episode 190): In 2018, the GAC would travel to Deming, to the former Lewis Flats Elementary School that experienced a lot of activity since the 1800s.

7. El Rancho Hotel (Season 20, Episode 227): The last two New Mexico locations happened in 2020's Season 20 in back to back episodes. The first being in Gallup, NM where the GAC crew would visit the El Rancho Hotel. It's a very popular place for people to ghost hunt, many considering it one of the creepiest in New Mexico.

8. Painted Lady Brother (Season 20, Episode 228): The final time Ghost Adventures has been to New Mexico, was in Albuquerque where they would visit the Painted Lady Bed & Brew. They interviewed the owner, Jesse Herron before their investigation; setting the tone on what they would expect before investigating.

We'll see if the GAC visits any more New Mexico locations the future. When they do, we'll be watching & waiting to see what they find.

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