There is a pole that not many El Pasoans know about but the ones that do know are thankful for it. At Album Park there is an area where a long pole stands right in the center of the dip in the ground. The purpose of the pole is to measure how deep the dip gets with water after it pours in El Paso. People from outside El Paso who are new to the area would probably wonder why a pole is planted right in the center of the dip. The whole purpose behind the pole is to warn people about how much a pool of water can gather there when it rains. We all know our community has been known for having a few natural disasters from time to time. One natural disaster El Paso tends to encounter more than any others is severe thunderstorms that lead to flooding.

If you like to take your children to walk around Album Park after it has rained, you must be cautious. Some parts of Album Park fill up with water that can be dangerous for some children. That pole isn't there for decoration, it's actually there to measure how deep it that area gets after it rains. I have seen how the rain leaves parts of Album Park with pools of water in different spots. There are some locals who have fun with it and purposely jump into the huge puddle of water. But the pole is there to help prevent a young toddler from drowning.

Veronica Gonzalez
Veronica Gonzalez
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