Texas Governor Abbott has given the approval for movie theaters, restaurants, retail stores and malls to open starting on Friday. These businesses are allowed to open and operate at only 25% capacity. While this is a sign that things may be returning to normal sooner than later, Alamo Drafthouse has decided to not open their Texas theaters this coming weekend when the stay-at-home orders expire.

In a statement, the theater chain says that safety is their number one concern:

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema via Facebook
Alamo Drafthouse Cinema via Facebook

Alamo Drafthouse is one of many theater chains like AMC and Cinemark who say they won't open up likely until summer. If theaters were to open up now, it raises a lot of questions like: do we still have to wear a mask? Do we have to sit six feet apart? And even if theaters open up- what will they show? Movie studios haven't released anything new and pushed back a lot their releases. Maybe it is too soon.

I miss going to the movies. Going to the movie theater was part of my normal routine, I went about twice, sometimes three times a month. The last movie I saw in theaters was "Onward". I miss even more that Buzz would pay for my movie ticket and snacks. We had JUST started "BJ's at the Movies"! I miss going to the movies, but it's too soon for me. I'm glad Alamo Drafthouse is taking the extra time to make sure that when we do go back to the movies, it'll be safe and a great experience for all.

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