As the saying goes, everything's bigger in Texas, including, it seems, the penchant for sauna-like conditions in state jails.

Courtesy: USA TODAY
Courtesy: USA TODAY

According to News Nation the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) must think its inmates are basically Texas cattle, as approximately 70% of its units lack full air conditioning.

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Maybe they're attempting a new form of sweat-based rehabilitation for their, mostly, short-term prisoners?

One ex-inmate, Maggie Luna, remembers her 'holiday' at the Lucille Plane State Jail.

In her 'hot' take, the fear of her short sentence becoming a premature life sentence due to the stifling heat was no joke. Memories of water shortages and fellow inmates having heat-triggered seizures remain a vivid experience for her.

The TDCJ, meanwhile, seems to believe they're running a summer camp, offering water, ice, fans, and air-conditioned 'chill-out' spaces.

They've even devised a "heat sensitivity score" – their very own game of 'who's going to melt first?' But the campers/ inmates are far from happy, complaining of unbearable heat, breathing problems, and lack of showers.

Hand in jail

State Rep. Carl Sherman tried playing the hero with his air conditioning mandate for Texas prisons, but it seems the political 'heat' was too much as his bill failed.

Now he's warning taxpayers about their unwillingness to fund his 'Cool Jails for All Act.'

Dr. Amite Dominick is the head of Texas Prison Community Advocates and the leading skeptic of TDCJ's 'cooling' measures.

Amid tales of heat-stricken inmates and staff in 2023, she's sounding alarm bells. Thankfully the TDCJ is on a mission to air-condition more beds.

Hopefully, by the time the whole of Texas turns into an oven, they’ll be done.

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