The Animal Rescue League of El Paso is looking for the forever home for their longest resident- Jeter. The Animal Rescue League of El Paso is asking for the public's help to help their longest shelter resident find his happy ending. Jeter has been with the ANimal Rescue League since he was four months old, and he recently celebrated his 3 year anniversary of being at the shelter. While the animal rescue loves this bundle of energy, they want him to find a home of his own. Jeter has been featured on various adoptable dog pages, social media platforms and even the wildly popular animal site The Dodo featured this Sun City shelter dog but still- he's at the rescue. For his third birthday there's only one thing that Jeter wants, and that's to find a family of his own.

Jeter is a boxer and comes with the traditional energy and goofiness that breed is known for. The rescue would like Jeter to find a home that will create an outlet for all that energy, so active households please apply! They would like an experienced adopter or family, with no other dogs and kids must be 16 years of age or older. He's also a bouncy pup so he needs a yard with fences that are 6 feet or higher.If you are interested in adopting Jeter, please contact the Animal Rescue League of El Paso at (915) 877-5002. You can also visit their website or their Facebook Page. The Animal Rescue League of El Paso is located at 7256 La Junta Drive in Canutillo.

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