This rescue pup is trying out some new tricks!

A video of a rescue dog from Georgia is going viral due to his cute ambition to figure out how to do a cartwheel.

Meet Oakland, a 1 1/2 year-old pitbull rescue who just wants to cartwheel like his little friend. Oakland's 7 year-old human friend Kailyn was showing off her cartwheel skills in the living room when the pooch decided he wanted to try it out too. That's when Oakland started barrel rolling on the floor, trying to imitate Kailyn's moves. The family adopted the pitbull about a year ago, and Oakland seems like he is more than eager to please his new owners.

The video was uploaded to Facebook a few days ago, and already has over 7 million views online. Since then, the family created Oakland his own Facebook page, to "to help build awareness for the American Bull Terrier Breed aka Pit Bull! Also to help build this amazing breed a positive name!" The page already has about 400 likes.