If you're in search of a quick and spooky getaway, then add this small Arizona town to your travel list.

I know what you might be thinking: Arizona? That sounds pretty boring, right? Well you would be wrong!

This is Bisbee, Arizona where once upon a time it was a mining town; these days you can explore the mines along with this quaint, small town full of art, restaurants, shops and ghosts, probably.

One of the biggest attractions, of course, are the mine tours and in Bisbee, the Queen Mine Tour is the star where you learn history, and get to travel down below in the vast darkness; are the spirits of former miners still lingering?

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Bisbee is just one of the small towns in the Grand Canyon State that is Instagram and TikTok worthy where you'll want to take tons of photos and videos; especially with all the cool shops in the historic downtown area.

And if you're looking to take a break from the desert sun with a cold treat, Bisbee is home to what many claim is the best gelato shop around these parts.

It's obvious that in Bisbee, they march to the beat of their own drum, and it certainly looks like the charm can suck you in; especially if you're driving down that mesmerizing downtown road; just look how beautiful it is-almost like it's straight out of a movie!

Everywhere you look in Bisbee is dripping with an extensive history, and you'll be anything but bored when you visit this historic small Arizona town.

One of the coolest things? If you're in El Paso like I am, it's only less than five hours away. Happy trails.

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