I, being a bass player, have been saying this for years. We're awesome.

A new study says bass players are the most important member of a band. (Typically, the best looking one too - I think.)  The study, published by the  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, says that humans find rhythms easier when they're played in lower tones. Therefore, the bass is way more important to the song than the other parts. So phhbbbttt to all you drummers, guitarists, singers and triangle players!!  :)

Another study also found that songs with really heavy bass lines can make peeps feel more powerful.  So, right before the big game, major work presentation or whatever you have going on, slap on some tasty, hard-hitting bass right before you begin and you'll kill it!!

Here are a few riffs to get you started while the video above is one of my favorite solos.  Enjoy 'em both!!

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