Remember what made the original American Idol watchable? And I mean watchable for at least the masses. I get that some people enjoyed watching the actual competition, but for most people, it was the early crappy auditions that made it funny.

Well, if you were planning on tuning in the ABC's new version of the show for those terrible auditions, you're going to be disappointed. Showrunner Trish Kinane says:

"It doesn't feel comfortable to put borderline unstable people up on stage and laugh at them."

What doesn't feel comfortable is calling any bad singer "borderline unstable." I understand that some of the folks they put on during the bad auditions parts weren't all there, but not all of them. Of course, making stars of these awful singers was also a major downside of showing them on the early episodes of each season. Seriously, William Hung was funny for about the length of the following clip.

Of course, if you ever need some entertainment that doesn't include awful singing, how about the blind guy that made it to the next round that Seacrest tried to high five.




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