Remember that energetic dude who represented El Paso on American Idol in 2011? I am starting to think it was all a front once I tried researching on where he is now.

If you remember the name Kenneth Berba, then he sure as hell made quite the impression on you! He has a biography up at IMDb that shows what films he has been featured in. Another reason I feel it was all an act is because no friend would let another friend act like that on a well-known show! He played a role in a Domestic Violence Awareness film that was produced here in El Paso. Well this dude, Kenneth Berba sure did represent El Paso in the most energetic way with tons of enthusiasm! If you didn't know about his acting career you would probably feel sorry for the dude during his audition. Well, at least we know Kenneth did us a favor by putting fear into Ryan Seacrest. Not sure if you noticed but when Kenneth jumped into audition mode he not only scared Ryan but J Lo as well! The one judge who can relate to Kenneth's energy when singing was Aerosmith's Steven Tyler. But I give mad props to Kenneth for actually being able to sing on a show that's televised for all to see!

If you saw this episode many years ago and remember Kenneth, do you think he was acting or actually singing? Take the poll down below!

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