Did you fall for any April Fool's Day pranks yesterday?  If you were watching ABC last night, I bet you did.

ABC had a little fun with their viewers last night.  Unless football or motocross is involved, I don't really watch network tv.  I kinda wish I had last night though as ABC loaded up several shows with stuff just to see if anyone noticed.  Here are some of the things they did, how many did you catch?

"The Middle"

• Normally, there's a crow cawing during the opening. Last night, it was a sheep.

• On the side of the school bus, they misspelled Orson, writing Orsen instead.

"The Goldbergs"

• Barry's Shirt changes sports teams, going from the Philly Flyers to the Calgary Flames and then back to Flyers.

• Watch the baseball cards, carefully.

"Modern Family"

• During the intro, the families holding the picture frames are from the first season so 1) everyone is way younger and 2) one character doesn't even exist yet.

• The shoes in the painting at Jay and Gloria's house change not once, but three times in different scenes.


• Throughout the episode, Easter baskets keep popping up in weird, yet subtle places.

There's more.  Read the rest of the list here or, click on the links above.