Aaron Jones will no longer have to worry about losing his beloved pendant, that contains the ashes of his father, while he plays and it's all thanks to his new jersey.

If you'll recall, last month Jones played while wearing his football shaped pendant containing his fathers ashes on a chain and lost it in the end zone during one of his touchdowns. It took a few hours before Green Bay Packers trainer Bryan Engel found the pendant at 1:45 in the morning.

Now, thanks to the Green Bay Packers equipment manager Red Batty, Jones won't have play a game without his father nearby. Batty  built a small pocket onto Jones' jersey, perfectly measured to securely hold the football shaped pendant. Take a look below at the jersey!

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In a press conference, Jones said about the handy pocket:

"I can just drop it in there and I don't have to worry about it falling out. So, I can play with it."

Jones did she that he is still searching for a chain, and that he plans to keep playing with the pendant for the rest of his career stating:

"It's something I'll continue to do. Just keep my dad with me everywhere I go."

Jones lost his father, Alvin Jones, Sr., back in April from COVID-19 complications. But the elder Jones never missed a game, and was always there to cheer him on; so the younger Jones did what he knew was a best way to honor him, play his heart out, and that he has definitely accomplished.

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