This battle between two brothers that is all for a good cause is the kind of game you place your bets on. We don't know how each team will be formed but do know some of the players who will be participating. Adrian Broaddus from KROD spilled the tea about some of the charity players who will be playing, click here to see who.

This is a game that would be perfect for a family outing or a date night with friends. But these two brothers will be rivals for just a day that is all for a good cause. It's going to be hilarious to see two brothers who normally work together as a team for A&A All The Way Foundation be rivals for a day.

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Normally when siblings are younger their competitive side is a bit aggressive. But I like to believe we can see Aaron and Alvin's younger competitive side come back out and play. These two siblings will face off in a different type of field all entirely.

Aaron and Alvin are normally used to playing football professionally but Friday, June 4 they'll be playing softball. We don't know who Cody Decker will be playing for between Aaron and Alvin but you and I both know his baseball skills. So whoever may have Cody Decker on their team is quite lucky and should feel safe.

Since we don't know the full team roster yet, I thought it would be fun to vote for who you think will win. Place your vote for Team Aaron if you believe his team will win or vote Team Alvin who you know will take the win, below.

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