There are hiker fanatics that enjoy a different type of scenery that others avoid. While most prefer a nice hike with beautiful views others enjoy more of a creepy vibe other places give off.

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If I know people in El Paso it is that they sure do love haunted places and stories. Well if you love to venture outside of El Paso there is a hike you can enjoy where some of Texas history lies.

There is a place in Texas you can enjoy a hike that comes with some haunted history. Now, who doesn't ever like exploring a place that comes with some creepy vibes?

Plus who doesn't enjoy a hike that comes along with a history lesson? So if you're up for a spooky hike then you will enjoy Cullinan Park trails in Sugar Land, Texas.

Despite this hike being nearby a cemetery which happens to make it that much better. Especially for fanatics who enjoy roaming spooky routes with a little history.

Cullinan Park Trails is the best spot for a lovely hike that comes with a twist. Tell the World About You's YouTube video gives you a quick tour of what to expect at Cullinan Park Trails above.

Hodges Bend Cemetery is what hikers come across while following the trail. Plus, those who have visited have said it gives off creepy vibes.

You can read the comments from visitors who found it creepy for yourself by clicking here.

So if you're planning to jet out of El Paso for a hiking trip make sure Cullinan Park Trails is where you go.

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