You may have wonder what the ladies do when they're surfing the crimson tide. Well, Lisa went there while interviewing the lovely Misty!

This….this is the part of the job that makes my parents so proud.

We’ve all been there, standing in the strip club looking at the strippers wondering about their life. Or better yet, are they possibly living a better life than you? Well, lucky for you KLAQ knows quite a lot of strippers and we got one of our favorites to come down to the studio to answer our burning questions.

Meet Misty, she’s a veteran of the club but looks like she just graduated from college. Between the two of us, I’m the one most likely to get carded. We sat down with her to talk all about the crazy, sexy world of strip clubs. And man, did she tell-all!

In this third installment of Ask A Stripper, we find out some of the most interesting strippers she's had the pleasure of working with, favorite songs to strip not, the worst genre of music to strip to, what you should never do in a strip club, do they really strip to pay for college and......a question we never knew would take such an ugly turn......

What do strippers do while they are on their periods?

The answer is okay but the story she tells after traumatized us for weeks. You have been warned.

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