A couple of days ago I wrote an article on the eight best tortas in El Paso according to Yelp. The key words here being "according to Yelp"- it wasn't a list made by me!

I got on to Yelp and it gave me a list of places to get a torta that were highly reviewed. There were pages of results and I know that in my original article, there were only eight but gathering pictures for all of them was a bit challenging.

Anyway, it didn't even realize until after I published the article that Rainbow Fountain was NOWHERE on that list! I even went back to look up tortas on Yelp and Rainbow Fountain wasn't on the first, or even second page of results! And trust me, I know! I've seen your comments!


I, too was asking "Where is Rainbow at?!"

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Thank you to Noele Aceves, that list was "ACCORDING to YELP" not the streets!

I know! So I went back to Yelp, and I had to actually search for Rainbow Fountain because it still wasn't coming up in the results for tortas!

I think we all know what the reviews say about the tortas at Rainbow Fountain.

"I don't think I'm ever going back to the burger if there's a torta available, especially like the ones at Rainbow Fountain."

Another reviewer said:

"My go to torta place. You know you are getting a legit torta on telera bread. The aguas frescas and liquados ( shakes) are all delicious and made to order."

I have to agree, the bread is amazing and the aguas frescas are always on point.

Living in El Paso, we KNOW this. We know that Rainbow Fountain is one of the best spots for a torta- do we really need Yelp to tell us that? So they weren't on the list- so what? Rainbow Fountain is still an El Paso staple despite the list. But I do apologize for not including it in the first place- that's my bad! Now the only question is- what's your favorite torta at Rainbow? I'll go first- milanesa!

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