There is a place you can score a cannabis 'sample' at a novelty and gift shop. The novelty and gift shop you may or may not have heard of is known as Speak Easy. Now Speak Easy is located in Las Cruces, New Mexico which is less than an hour away from El Paso.

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Jason Estrada who is the co-owner was featured on Abc 7 News about his novelty and gift shop. News reporter Kate Bieri got to interview Jason Estrada the co-owner of Speak Easy about their policy. No one can purchase cannabis in New Mexico just yet but you can get hooked up with a joint that has less than 8 grams.

But it all depends on the worth of the sticker you're buying from Speak Easy. The gram amount of your cannabis sample will depend on the dollar amount you spend at the novelty and gift shop. If you spend $15 on a sticker you will receive a cannabis 'sample' of 1.5 grams. Now if you purchase a $50 sticker then you're gifted with a 3-gram cannabis 'sample.'

So pretty much the more you spend the higher your gram amount will be. Don't get Speak Easy confused with a dispensary because they're not they're a novelty and gift shop. Also, Jason Estrada also told Abc 7 News that he plans to hire about 40 more employees on September 1. So if you're looking for a job that pays $20 an hour be sure to drop off an application in person at 1300 El Pasoeo Road. So if you're looking for a job don't hesitate to go and apply in person.

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