In the state of Texas, there are literally over 1,000 different ghosts all over the states. But in most cases, there are usually abandoned buildings or streets...SOMETHING that shows the remains of what the town used to be. However there's one really curious case about one Texas town in particular called Security, Texas.

What was Security, Texas in the past?

Located off of Highway 105 (in Montgomery County), just 15 miles East of Conroe, the small town of Security, Texas was founded in the 1850s became a lumber town used as a connection for the Gulf, Colorado & Santa Fe Railroad. Another small town was renamed New Security in the 1940s when the new State Highway 105; the post office would close in the 1950s and eventually people would leave. The population would dwindle to only 24 people by the year 2000 (if you want to know more about the history of Security, Texas, you can see more here).


So where is Security, Texas now?

The short answer is... almost nothing; there are no videos of the town's existence anywhere on the internet or anything that showed what Security, Texas looked like from the beginning.

There is however one Reddit post in the Texas History Reddit page, a post showing a sign that just said "Security" that was posted this month claiming to be the last remaining evidence of this town's existence.

It's unknown what month or day the photo was taken but according to the post, the photo was taken sometime in 2022.

All that's left of the tiny town of Security, TX is this sign at the train tracks. 2022
by u/rootlessdestinations in texashistory

Can you find Security Texas on Google Maps?

Surprisingly, the answer is Yes. As of June 2023, there IS a Security Texas if you search on Google Maps. The name even clearly says "Security".

Google Maps
Google Maps

There's also a church named Security First Baptist Church in the town (presumably named after Security). But...the town's not called Security, Texas. According to Google Maps, it's now Cleveland, Texas; a town founded back in 1835 that also became a hub for the GC&SF Railroad in the 1900s. And just like Security, it too was a lumber town & it still used a shipping point for lumber products in Texas.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Will we see any more remnants of what Security, Texas was? Will we uncover more background on the history of the town? Only time will tell if more of the mystery of this abandoned Texas town will be solved.

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