A horror movie without CG effects seems impossible these days but the Evil Dead remake promises to disturb you with only prosthetics, make-up and magic tricks. Groovy!

I was totally against a remake of my favorite cult classic movie, until the trailers were released. I have had a crush on the star of the original movies, Bruce Campbell since I was about ten years old. Once I saw blood splatter across his gorgeous face, I knew he was my true love even if he could be my dad.

The original 1981 movie directed by Sam Raimi, only had an estimated budget of $90,000 to make this gruesome movie at the time. The remake has a way bigger budget and promises way more blood and gore without any special effects. Remake Director Fede Alvarez, didn't want to use CGI because he thinks it cheaper and faster and he hates that. He wanted everything we see on the screen to be real so he researched many illusions and magic tricks.

The original had a unique way of combining humor and horror but the remake just wants to make you cry like a baby.

Check out the new Red Band trailer for the Evil Dead remake. There are others trailers but this one is my favorite. I can't wait till it's released on April 12, 2013, a early birthday present for me!

Unfortunately, you might need to sign in to YouTube to see this trailer. Yeah it's pretty gruesome but it has two girls making out after one cuts her tongue in half! Super Sexy!

Yeah, I almost sharted like Al Roker...I will always love the original but the remake wins the trailer war!



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