Wait! Hear me out.

I’m not saying that “there’s nothing wrong with” or that we’re “overly sensitive” when it comes to the issue of non-blacks wearing “blackface” in the past. It was wrong. Definitely no one should do it. But…

You probably never put on blackface for a costume. But you’ve done SOMETHING stupid in your past. Maybe you wrote something stupid that you are now embarrassed by. Maybe you bullied someone when you were a kid. It probably varies but you have done something you wish you hadn’t. Do you know HOW I know?
Simple. Because no one is perfect. Nobody has lived a life without blemish or blame. In fact, we have a name for people who DON’T have regrets over anything they’ve ever done: psychopaths.

So how about this for my modest proposal. This would mainly apply to public figures: politicians, celebrities, business leaders, etc. Anyone in the public eye may want to get out in front of this. So…Amnesty for Blackface. If you ever darkened your skin in imitation of a race other than you own, you have to A.) Admit it. B.) Say that you regret it and C.) Vow to never do it again. Obviously.

At this point, if you put on black-face for ANY REASON, you really only have yourself to blame. So don’t do it. Not even if you’re doing it “ironically”. Or to “draw attention to the problem”. If you’re white, DON’T DO BLACKFACE! Even if you think it’s unfair that “the Wayans brothers can do ‘White Chicks’ “…don’t do it.

OK. Are we good?

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