A few lucky KLAQ listeners had the chance to meet Fozzy before their big Saturday concert at Speaking Rock Entertainment Center. Lead singer of Fozzy and professional wrestling legend Chris Jericho shared how much he appreciates being able to give his fans something extra to experience when they buy VIP. Luckily, KLAQ managed to get in a few listeners to share the Fozzy soundcheck experience.

After the soundcheck, the listeners were able to spend some time with Fozzy for a quick photo. We appreciate everyone who was able to make it out to the Fozzy soundcheck and hope to get more opportunities to spend time with our listeners. Make sure you keep on rocking with KLAQ not only on-air but through our FREE KLAQ app, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Seriously, make sure to follow us and get the app because you need it in your life, just like you need Fozzy's latest single, ' Nowhere to Run.'

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